Oak Island Money Pit

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Oak Island

Watch episodes of The Curse of Oak Island. Follow the links in this article to see what happened in each episode. Following in a long line of treasure-hunting hopefuls, including President Franklin Roosevelt, the brothers have been trying to extract a hidden trove believed buried more than years ago on this tiny island off the coast of Nova Scotia—a tantalizing cache rumored to be everything from pirate booty to the Holy Grail to the Ark of the Covenant.

The team finds a big amount of coconut fiber in the uplands; A theory came up about how the original trio behind the Money Pit did not discover.

Members Portal. This mysterious treasure pit on a Nova Scotia island has a fascinating natural explanation. Filed under Ancient Mysteries , Urban Legends. Skeptoid Podcast November 25, Podcast transcript Subscribe. It began as every boy’s dream adventure, like a chapter from Tom Sawyer. On the eastern end of the wooded island he found something out of place: an old wooden tackle block suspended from a heavy branch, and on the ground below, a sunken depression.

It didn’t take young Daniel long to bring in heavy equipment, in the persons of two friends armed with shovels and the knowledge of old stories that the pirate Captain Kidd may have buried treasure on this part of the coast. Two feet down they struck a layer of flagstones, and all the way down they found pick marks on the walls of the shaft. The three boys dug for days, and just when they were about to give up, they came to a solid platform of logs.

There was nothing under the logs, but it fired the boys up: There was no longer any question of whether something had been buried here. Over the coming weeks they finally reached 30 feet — that’s incredible for three teenagers — and along the way found two more log platforms. By then the difficulty and frustration won, and they gave up. But the local newspapers had made the pit something of a phenomenon. A few random people came and tried to dig further, and around a mining group called the Onslow Company took over the island and made the first really serious effort.

Appendix 6, Oak Island Story

The Oak Island money pit is an excavation on a small Canadian island off the coast of Nova Scotia that has been the object of attention of treasure hunters since As the name suggests, their efforts to date have not produced anything of value. The pit has been repeatedly re-filled and re-excavated. Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of its continuing history is that, unlike other treasure-hunting locations such as Cocos Island , it had no accompanying legend about anyone actually hiding anything there — the motivation of the original diggers was “it looks like something was buried here, let’s dig”.

Later, various authors were inspired by the excavations to put forward retconned theories of their own. Noted skeptic Joe Nickell has pointed out that “the pit” is just a natural sinkhole.

(Some of this treasure may have been buried on Oak Island.) draw down fresh air to workers, making this the likely earliest date of building the Money Pit. At 60 feet, much coconut fibre is found, perhaps used for rope, or caulking with putty​.

Rick and Marty discover a mysterious foot high void deep inside the Money Pit just before diver John Chatterton successfully reaches the bottom of borehole X. Look back at the leading ladies of the s who made their mark with iconic roles and some major hairstyles, too. See the gallery. Title: The Curse of Oak Island —. Rick and Marty Lagina, two brothers from Michigan with a life-long interest in the mystery of Oak Island, renew efforts to discover the legendary treasure with sophisticated machinery.

Since I haven’t read all reviews that’s shown to exist, I cannot know if anyone else has thought of my admittedly wild theory. In my opinion, most of the island is not naturally formed. I cannot see how the original ”Money Pit”, as it’s now known as, could have been built to the depth it is unless the island was structured around it. Along with the depth of the pit, all of the flood water booby traps as well could not have built unless the island was built up by layers.

For Sale: Island with Mysterious Money Pit

Oak Island, a small wooded island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, is said to be the hiding place of a mysterious buried treasure. It has been the site of several excavation attempts since the early s, particularly around what is known as the “Money Pit,” a man-made shaft reinforced with oak platforms, coconut fiber and ship’s putty and protected by a sophisticated labyrinth tunnel system. The show follows Traverse City entrepreneur Marty Lagina and his brother, Rick, as they renew efforts to discover the legendary treasure with advanced machinery.

Season 5 of the show premiered Nov. Tester said Drake had planned to return to the island and likely would have worked side-by-side with his brother, Jack Begley, who spends about 25 weeks a year there. The show premiered in and is the network’s top series in key demographics, averaging 5.

Joy Steele, in her book, The Oak Island Mystery Solved, has The coconut fiber though was dated to between 12th to the 14th century, which.

In the first series, Rick and Marty discover the presence of man-made formations under Oak Island. They find non-indigenous coconut fibre, aiding the theory that the famed Money Pit is in fact booby-trapped. They also find a 17th century Spanish 8 Maravedis copper coin, a discovery that hints at what the treasure under Oak Island might actually be. The first series of the show introduces us to the tiny island of Oak Island in Nova Scotia and explains the curse that supposedly surrounds it.

Ever since three boys dug into a strange circular depression back in and discovered a shaft, now known as the Money Pit, people have come to Oak Island in the hopes of finding treasure. However, legend states that the treasure will not reveal itself until seven people have died. So far, the island has claimed the lives of six treasure hunters! Ever since he was a young boy, Rick has been obsessed with the mystery of Oak Island.

In , wanting his brother to achieve his lifetime goal, Marty secured a majority share of the company that owns Oak Island. Armed with the latest technology, the brothers now hope to answer the year-old question of what lies beneath the island. Creating a detailed 3D map, will this uncover the islands treasure? They first turn their attention to an abandoned meter deep shaft, first excavated back in the 60s, known as Borehole X.

Initially they lower in sophisticated camera equipment to see what is in the shaft. Promising footage of man-made tunnels lead the team to use water pressure to pump material to the surface.

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I f someone were to claim they knew a story that involved the Holy Grail, a band of pirates, William Shakespeare, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Edgar Allan Poe, you might think the tale was a riddle or a fanciful movie script. However, one particular site in Canada holds a history that brings together all of these elements and more.

To the casual observer, the acre island appears like many in this part of the province.

On the Curse of Oak Island, the Lagina brothers pay special attention to a spot known as. the pit, such as stones, pieces of wood and mounds of coconut fiber. the pit include several coins, some dating to the 16th century; some gold links;​.

Permission is granted to create web links to this site, not to copy these pages to other web sites. The legend begins in , as three boys discover what appears to be the location of buried treasure. The story is first written about in newspapers in the s. How much is true, and how much is exaggerated to make a more sensational story, is unknown. Millions of dollars have been spent since then, and many lives have been lost as well.

Some think there is no treasure, that the underground is filled with natural channels of water and cavities formed from limestone. I have included some early events seemingly unrelated, that some believe are part of the explanation for a possible buried treasure. A number after the dot gives the page in the source.

Last updated: September Some of this treasure may have been buried on Oak Island. This legend is widely spread, with searches conducted over years.

Have Two Brothers Cracked the 220-Year-Old Oak Island Mystery?

This article originally appeared in Smithsonian Magazine, June On Oak Island, everybody gets up early. By dawn, with the fog turning into a drizzle, the crew is hard at work. I’ve taken refuge inside the rusted hulk of an old tank car, where I can take notes without the ink smearing. Up the hill, men cluster around a drilling rig that is pounding its way into the island’s interior.

An investigation into the “curse” of Oak Island, where rumors of buried riches have Imprint Grove Paperback; Page Count ; Publication Date November 17, There were oak chips and coconut husks, plus a small piece of–well he was not Almost immediately his attention was attracted to the ball of “strange fiber” that.

We’ve already mentioned young Daniel McInnis’s discovery. But in truth, nearly every detail of this early account is debated, including the spelling of his name, his age at the time of discovery, whether he was originally drawn to the island by observing lights, and whether he discovered a tackle block or a sawn-off tree limb. The questions multiply when considering what McInnis and others allegedly found on Oak Island.

The following is a general folklore version of what happened according to Bobby Restall, Robert’s son. McInnis and two friends started digging and found a layer of flat stones two feet down. At 10 feet down, the friends found a layer or platform of oak logs. They found two other such platforms at 20 and 30 feet down. Although convinced this was a man-made pit, the men realized they needed help to continue.

They refilled the pit, later known as the “Money Pit,” and didn’t return until nine years later, when they got together with other investors and formed the Onslow Company, so they could come back to the Money Pit with manpower and machines. While digging, the team found charcoal, coconut fiber and putty.

The Curse of Oak Island: Bonus – The Coconut Fiber Discovery (Season 4)

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